Employment pass Entry approval from Philippines

Anyone here who is holding a valid employment pass who have successfully obtained an entry approval specially those coming from the Philippines ? Iam planning to go home and thinking of how fast we can secure an entry approval. By the way Iam fully vaccinated and planning to go home for 3 months. Any “tax” implications , I.e how many months can wfh outside Singapore ?

If you want to be sure you can come back, it is best you get the entry approval before you leave. Otherwise nobody can foresee which rules will apply in three months!
What do you mean by "tax" implications? Pay for work performed in your home country is probably taxable there (ask the tax authority there!). If you keep your Singapore work pass while abroad (which is not formally required, but allowed in some cases), you might also tax it here - check the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) Singapore has with your country!

Your company should be ok with that remote/ outside Singapore working arrangement but you will indeed have to pay taxes in SG (as you do). If your home country has any law that corresponds to double taxation, you may have to pay for the duration you are there too.

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