180 Days Student Visa

I'm from Zimbabwe and I came to Spain on a 180 days student visa. From what I understand, I have the permission to stay in Spain for 6 months and I do not have to apply for a NIE. My visa, however, expires next month.
1. Is it possible to apply for an extension?
2. I have missed many job opportunities because they say I do not possess a Work Permit for Spain. What's the way forward for me?


As you've discovered, getting work in Spain is very difficult for anyone who doesn't have citizenship in an EU country.

A student visa is good for the length of the study program, but after that program ends, you would not be able to stay legally. If there are still more than 30 days left on your visa, you might be able to sign up for more classes and get your visa extended. But it would have to be a half-time course, 20 hours per week minimum.

Best of luck, it's not an easy situation.

Thanks very much JenWriter

You have come to Spain on a 180 Day Student Visa, do you understand what a student visa is? Why are you looking at job opportunities in Spain when you are not allowed to work? If you want to work in Spain you will need to go back to Zimbabwe and apply for the correct visa. You cannot expect to enter a country on a restricted visa and then expect to do as you like. :cheers:

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