permesso di soggiorno issue

Hello everyone,

Need some help/advice. I moved to Italy in Mar 2021 to work with the UN. As a UN employee, you don't need permesso di soggiorno as it's separately handled by the UN and the government. In my case, I want to settle in Italy with my gf so I applied for permesso di soggiorno in June. Then shit happened, and my contract was not renewed in July. When I submitted my application for permesso di soggiorno in post, I was given appointment of Dec for biometric details. I also have a multi-entry D visa which is valid until Mar 2022.

So, now I'm not sure if I can stay in Italy or not. Some people told me that since I've applied for permesso di soggiorno so I should wait until that's done and I'm fine staying here as I have the slip from post office which is equivalent to the resident permit. I spent good money on lawyers but they all tell different stories. So, my questions are:

- can I stay in Italy until my permesso di soggiorno decision is made?
- can I travel out of Schengen area and re-enter with my current visa?

I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who had faced similar situation. Thank you!


I believe you can stay and live normally until you have the final decision regarding the approval of your permesso you can even work with the "ricevuta" and ask for the Codice Fiscale.

I am not sure if you can leave Italy while waiting. In my case I didn't have a previous Visa since I arrived from Spain (though I am not Spaniard) and they told me I could only travel to my country of origin while waiting, so not even Schengen Area.

Thanks, buddy, for your reply. I guess I'll just wait for the decision. Do you happen to know any immigration lawyer?

Sorry I don't. I did everything by myself but you might find one in your area if you look on


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