EP and S Pass criteria to tighten over time in SG, PM Lee

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NDR 2021: EP, S Pass criteria to tighten over time; foreigners must accept ethos, norms of S'pore society

PM Lee’s speech on 29th August, 2021.

Embrace, change is coming.

I like his message!
Wherever they go, foreigners should integrate into their host society - and the locals should welcome them if they do so.
Race, culture and colour is not a base to like or dislike someone, but inappropriate behaviour is.

The common sentiment is, this was PM Lee’s best speech to date. Yes, I’m with you- he nailed it.

I believe salary accordingly to candidate skill irrespective of any other factors.
If candidate is not skill enough then what is the benefit company getting by paying high salary in short it would be burden to company always.
Government should treat each and every individual same irrespective  of all others factors.
Already MOM is giving enough time for recruiting local talents for about 28 days to company,  but if company are not getting skilled workers then what they will do.
Company would be very happy if they get local candidates with good skill as onboarding will be very fast.

I believe nobody in this world cannot compromise on quality instead they can compromise on money

Instead of giving high salary, government should think of how they can enhance the skill of local candidate .

correctly said.

Candidate is always welcome who can join early and can start work as soon as possible , else there is no other way for employer apart from recruiting EP candidates

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