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With a Nigerian passport, an associate degree from a US University, and TEFL/TESOL English teachers certificate. Will I be able to teach English in Columbia?
Thanks for your kind response.

Ndaewo! 🙂 I certainly hope so! All my research so far indicates "yes you can do it". In fact you might be better situated and have more teaching opportunities than someone like me sef.

Your hurdles might be around visa issues (you know with Naija passport only, dem dey give us side-eye) - so do some more legwork to clarify that part - BUT it sounds like you got the "qualified to teach" part on lock 👍🏾

With those creds, yes, you would qualify to teach just about anywhere, whether or not you'd be hired is another thing. But, you should, and I emphasize 'should' strongly, contact schools/universities in your target city before you come to Colombia. Get yourself set up with a school through any means possible. Your life will be easier with a school/university already lined up and contracted.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you kind response . Thanks

Onyeama... check your private messages for more info (the little "chat" icon in the top right, next to the "people" icon).

Big Bro,
Thanks for showing interest in my welfare, God bless you. I've tried to locate the message you're referring to but couldn't. Perhaps, there's a mix-up along the line or I've mistakenly deleted it which I'm not really sure of. If you don't mind, you can throw more light on this.
Thanks & God bless you.

No wahala  :)  See in the top right corner of the page? From right to left:

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Let me know how it goes...

Hi Big Bro,
I went to the exact icon as you directed but didn't see any message there, Perhaps, a copy to my email *** wouldn't do any harm when you're resending it.
Thanks Bro.

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Of course it would depend somewhat on your accent. I have a friend who has a business of teaching and tutoring that likes to expose people to different accents.

Private Message re-sent 👍🏾 Check again...

Hi Bro,
I really appreciate you for your response. I think I have what it takes to perform as an English teacher. I may not be perfect as a pure breed native speaker but my accent is commendable according to some nationalities I met in this country, though, they're not native speaker. I've worked with native speakers before & never had issues with the language stuff.
If there's any way I could send you an audio message, you could have possibly weigh my accent. I really need the job in order to come over and settle smoothly.
Thanks for your help in advance.
Onye Amaechi

Thanks Big Bro, I've seen it. Thanks

Glad to be of help. Private message me directly, and we'll coordinate getting the audio clip, etc.

Hi Bro,
I think my accent is good enough for an English teaching job. Though it doesn't perfectly match a core native dude but really good for a job in Latin America. It's close to an educated native speaker but not the raps seen on the streets of the US.
Thanks & God's blessings

Sounds good, man. Best of luck in your travels and job search!

Please sir, I want to know how I can send private message to you on this platform.

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In regards to your accent - for private teaching of businesspeople you will probably not have many, if any, business students. In my 7 years of teaching English privately in B'quilla I found that all business people specifically ask for a native English-speaking teacher. As for universities or other schools, it's a crap-shoot - you really need to be contacting as many as possible before you come to Colombia. You have to get your ducks in a row, first. Once here, chances are your temporary entry visa will expire before you get any teaching job.

Great bro, I'm on it sending to as many schools as possible, & will be watching to see the positive outcome. Thanks

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