Finding a job in Ireland during the pandemic

Hi everyone,

Looking for a job in Ireland is not something you can take lightly, especially now. If you found a new job in Ireland during the pandemic or if you are currently searching for one, we would like to know how it went.

How did you go about it? Which job board do you recommend? Did you use a headhunter?
In which sector did you find a job?

Did you train in order to find a new position? If so, which training course(s) did you follow and why?

What about your package? How does it compare with your previous jobs and are you satisfied with it?

What are the most important elements to prioritise or negotiate in a package for a job in Ireland in 2021?

Thanks for your contribution!

Diksha, team

I found it incredibly difficult. Firstly, when I arrived in Ireland in 2017 no one guided or assisted me, I had to find out through trial and error what works and what does not. After going for a few interviews I realized I had to redo my financial qualifications here in Ireland before I would be taken seriously. So registered for the  Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) exams and did all 6 exams within 1 year.  During my studies I found work.
As the pandemic started, the brokerage I was working for laid 3 of us off but assisted and guided us in applying for the PUP payment.  Although this helped tremendously I realized we could not stay in the Dublin area and decided to move down to Dungarvan where family assisted us by offering us a house. We had to do quite a bit of renovations as it had been standing empty for 3 years. During lockdown I realized it was pointless applying for positions. But as soon as lockdown started easing, I was back applying for work. I used Indeed and had about 4/5 zoom interviews. The position that I got was with a brokerage where the MD interviewed me telephonically from Spain and an interview with 2 colleagues in the office and the position was mine. You have to show that you are willing to study, that you are enthusiastic, passionate, ready to go the extra mile and be resilient and determined to find work. You can never give up. I don’t regret doing my QFA as it gave me an excellent foundation for understanding the Irish ☘️ life, investment and pension rules and regulations. It would have been so much easier if I knew this when we made the decision to move to Ireland as I could have started the study process while in South Africa and qualified sooner. It was only with persistence and faith that we have got through it all.

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