Finding a job in England during the pandemic

Hi everyone,

Looking for a job in England is not something you can take lightly, especially now. If you found a new job in England during the pandemic or if you are currently searching for one, we would like to know how it went.

How did you go about it? Which job board do you recommend? Did you use a headhunter?
In which sector did you find a job?

Did you train in order to find a new position? If so, which training course(s) did you follow and why?

What about your package? How does it compare with your previous jobs and are you satisfied with it?

What are the most important elements to prioritise or negotiate in a package for a job in England in 2021?

Thanks for your contribution!

Diksha, team

Hi and thank you for the question.

I can't comment on my personal situation as I retired last year, but my family all kept their jobs and we didn't experience any economic issues during the pandemic.

In general, as we are hopefully now seeing the backside of this pandemic, the UK Government have relaxed almost all of the Covid restrictions and people are back at work.

The UK Government supplied salary inflation details (so how much they went up was 5.6% for the three months February to April 2021, while the annual inflation rate was 2.4%; this being the last UK tax period for the tax year 20/21).  What these numbers reflect is that the UK economy is currently buoyant, there is plenty of work if you want it, indeed, some professions are in shortage, leading to supply chain issues that the Government will have to deal with if things are to continue.

The travel industry is still badly affected by the pandemic, many airlines are still in furlough for the majority of their staff.  Hopefully, this will be resolved by facts and not political interference.

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