Tourist visum and marriage

Hello, I am Norwegian who is engaged with a Cuban woman. I am want her to live with me in Norway.
Unfortunatelly embassies are currently closed in Cuba and visas are being rejected due to temporary entry ban.

But while waiting for things to open, I want to have other things done and cleared so I dont have to waste time figuring out things and instead do things.   

I do have a question though, does anyone have any experience about getting married to a Cuban and bringing him/her to Norway?

To specify my question:
- I want to invite my fiance to Norway and get married here in Norway, and then apply for family reunification/immigration while she is still in Norway on a  tourist visum.
As I understand, this way she can stay here while waiting for the UDI application to process.
Anyone have any tip or been through this that can tell me if this is is the way to go or if there is a better way to this?

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