Road to have an education job in Singapore

Hi everyone,

My family is about to move to Singapore. I'm currently a primary school teacher in Vietnam. I has bachelor in primary teaching in a Vietnamese University with a very good result.

I kinda wondering what is the roadmap to be able to become teacher or get any education related jobs in Singapore.
Like necessary certificate, master degree or something similar?


Prior experience as a teacher, relevant educational background to support your application and you sure have to look for jobs, interview and get one that’s per your credentials as a teacher with a decent pay.

I'm a Vietnamese born and grown here so my english skills are not fluent.
I think that will be a barrier for me to getting a job. I wonder what are certificate, master degree program which makes my profile more stronger?

You certainly need a (recognised by MoE) educational degree and fluent English. If you don’t have that (yet), you know what to work on!

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