How many times can the STVP be extended?

Hi all

We will shortly be relocating to Singapore - my husband is an SC, I am an Aus citizen. When I enter, I will be staying in Singapore under STVP. We have already applied for my PR (despite not being in Singapore yet) but I will also be applying for LTVP once I land in Singapore.

Question is - given the time taken by ICA to process and make a decision on LTVPs, do you know how many times I can extend the duration of my STVP while I await the outcome of the LTVP/PR application?
I see on some other threads that you may be required to show a ticket out of Singapore when extending the STVP, which isn’t really an option for us since we’re planning on buying a house and I am hoping to give birth in Singapore beginning of next year.

Any insights would be much appreciated.

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