PR Approval chance 2021

Would like to have your help to assess the PR approval chance :)

Me: female, Chinese, 34, Bachelor degree from nowhere (not relevant to my profession), marketing head for consumer goods, 130K p.a.

Husband: 40, Indian, MBA from renown business school, regional VP of Sales in tech industry, 500K p.a.

We have a 2-yo daughter.

Applied PR back in 2019 and got rejected end last year. Now thinking to have 2nd application.

How high do you think our chance is?

Meanwhile - I'm planning to resign and may take a break or take a smaller role to have more work-life balance. How much would you think it affect our chance?

Much appreciated!

Salaries alone don't warranty a PR, what are you doing to build your case that reflects you are a part of Singapore?

Shekhz wrote:

Salaries alone don't warranty a PR, what are you doing to build your case that reflects you are a part of Singapore?

Thanks Shekhz! I didn't think salary is the paramount, I was sharing our basic info for assessment.

To answer your question - I do have difficulty here. My life is pretty much all about work (sadly) and if I can raise anything to support my case, does mentoring local talents counts? 

For my husband, he works as angel investor for local tech start-ups. He is also a mentor for some incubatee. He volunteers sometimes too. Yet he was rejected for PR application still.

It may sound wried but would like to have some advice and direction from you on how to be a better prospective citizen :)


I'd request you to spend some time going through this thread, I have a pretty detailed post that should help.

A delayed thank-you to @Shekhz for your advice! I did some readings in the thread you recommended back then. 

Dear members, there is update and development regarding our application and would like to get some advice and assessment from you.

We just received an email requesting us to submit the work history of both my and my husband's parents and siblings. 

We submitted a long, well organised document. After submission, the application portal said we will be informed by post.

Now it's been the 8th month since our second application. Would like to seek for advice here regarding our chance, possible timeline and next step, or if anyone has similar experience able to share your application experience with us.

Apology if there was similar post before which I missed it. I will start doing some crawling on the forum tonight. 

Thank you so much for your generous advice.

Would like to ask another question too - my husband (Indian) has been the lead application for the 2 applications we had (first was rejected, second has been pending since Sep 2021) 

I have read enough threads saying Indian application would be an disadvantage. And our friends had said enough I should have been the lead application instead of my husband. 

My question is, after all we are in the same household having the same application, does that really make a difference? 

I definitely don't want to go through another rejection and have the 3rd application with me being the lead applicant which would spend another 1 year, when the application is indeed the same. 

It would be good if I can have your advice. Thank you so much.