Bank recommendation

Hello, my name is John.  I have an approved RUT form and seek a good local bank to complete the necessary Columbian monetary requirements for my Residency Visa.

The key word in your query is local.  Perhaps if you told us where you are (or plan to be) in Colombia someone can advise you.

You can also see a list here of the 10 major banks in Colombia and see if they have offices near your desired location, and then go to their websites to contrast and compare what they offer their customers.  At the bottom of the page, foreign banks in Colombia are also listed: … n-colombia

Be advised that for many from the USA, at least, services and high costs of banks in Colombia fall far below the standards of what is expected from a bank...

So JP Morgan Chase has representation in Colombia? This bears investigating. Thanks for the link, OsageArcher

I have no knowledge of bank requirements for a resident visa.  The bank that has worked best for me has been BBVA, I have a small account with Banco de Colombia but would not recommend them as my experience with them has not been that great.  Whatever you decide to do, keep everything to the minimum possible as the fees and taxes from the bank and government are usurious.  If you are coming from the U.S. keep your money there.

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