Possible to work remotely having an IPA before getting entry approval?

I have read in the forum that MoM is extending the duration of the IPAs so I was wondering if it is possible for someone with an IPA approved to work remotely from outside Singapore until he gets entry approval?

Since there's some queue formed during these covid months to get entry approvals, it would help being able to work remotely from outside singapore until we get the approval to finish all the paper work and get the official card.

It’s an understanding between your employer and you, what you get paid, if at all you can work remotely etc. Officially you will be issued the pass only when you get here to SG.

It is also a question of whether your current country allows such remote employment constellations, what the required formalities are (as you would be classified as self-employed in most countries) and how the income is taxed (Singapore only taxes residents, which you aren‘t yet).
All this is beyond the scope of the Singapore forum!

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