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hi! Emmah here from Kenya .
I am a freelancer have a degree in statistics but its my wish to get a job in Norway since I have also have a course in homecare management. I would like to get a job as a caregiver in Norway and I wish someone would consider me with the job. Thanks all.

Go online and look for a job. Read the Norway Guide found under Discover at the top of this page.

many of the private home caregiver jobs are found through the BPA (brukerstyrt personlig assistanse, or user directed personal assistance) program administration companies. It's a national system for disabled people who need help at home to receive heavily subsidized hours to have help at home. The hours and paperwork are administered by private companies who then post the jobs for people who have received this service from the government.

There are LOTS of companies that administer these jobs, and each company has licensing to operate in different counties of the country. However, I'm not sure that they are able to sponsor visas unless you have very specialized skills.

I just did a quick search for BPA suppliers and found these companies as examples: … ssistanse/

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