seeking advice for EP Appeal got rejected

Hi All

I would like to seek advice from you guys if anyone is in the same boat past or at present

I have a total of 15  yrs of experience and out which 9 yrs in singapore

Applied for the EP Renewal on 07/07/2021 by the company with the current salary of 6700(as per SAT recommends 7610) since the current company is a small firm that was not in a position to raise the salary in this covid situation.

Got the EP Renewal Rejected stating the reason salary not meeting the criteria on 21/07/2021

Immediately the office applied for the S-Pass on 21/07/2021( assuming quota is there ) but unfortunately the S-Pass also rejected stating the reason no quota on 28/07/2021.(1weeks)

has spoken to the management and the management was very supportive informed that they will fight with the MOM for the approval of EP till the last and applied for the EP Renewal appeal along with the cover letter stating the reasons why they need me on 30/07/2021.

Now today 11/08/2021 the EP Renewal appeal is rejected stating the reason that the first appeal

now the question is should the company get an appointment with the MOM to discuss first before re-appeal or how ? and the previous job before the current one my last drawn salary was 7031 whereas at that point of time having a job is more important for me and I have the pay cut with the current firm and joined at 6700. will this might be the reason ? or how do we counter and the office is very happy with my performance and very unlikely they will be getting the same expertise as me in the PR/Citizen.

can anyone suggest what should i or the company do get the approval..

There is no chance of getting the EP below the salary threshold shown by the SAT. Thus the appeal was a waste of time - and so would any further discussion with MoM (unless they are prepared to raise your pay to the required amount).
You better start looking for other opportunities. Good luck!

@beppi thank you for the quick response one more question is how can I still apply for the other company and they can apply for the EP as well? 2 applications of EP one for renewal appeal and the other for new EP can be parallel?

Vamsi Mohan- This forum has a lot of recent threads on this, please read. Two applications, renewal or new can’t be in parallel.

We all like sharing inputs but not to repetitive questions, please value your and our time too. Thanks for your understanding.

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