Interested in moving to Colombia

So I’m 38 years old from
The United States and I’m interested in possibly moving to Colombia. I’m just at the planning stages right now but I was wondering what are Colombia’s laws when it comes to immigration and visas. How long is a tourist allowed to stay in the country

Dear Tariq,

Barring the re-imposition of covid rules at the border, Colombia is currently open to travelers by air, land and sea.

The norm is that Westerners get 90 days inside the country upon arrival with a complimentary tourist stamp (this is not considered a visa).  This permit may be renewed for an additional 90 days during the stay.

The maximum tourist time is 180 days out of any 365 consecutive days regardless of whether the stay is continuous.

While in country, the 'tourist' may apply for a visa to further extend.

Check your stamp immediately to make sure you have been given the full 90 days.


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