Woman's expats groups in Malta


We are looking to buy/rent a holiday home in Malta within the next few months.

I currently live in Switzerland where we have numerous clubs and wondered if Malta has the same. I also love to quilt and are there ladies in Malta who love the same hobby!!:):)

Hi chathy,

welcome to the forum and Gruezi!

You will find the expat life in Malta very exciting , whether male or female groups or mixed-)))

Just one piece of advice ......do not consider buying in Malta before you have rented for long enough to be able to judge the area/island.

I don't know about quilting but the ladies in Gozo like to make lace but the decision between Gozo and the main island is a very personal one too.

And if you like ' wandern' come and join the Ramblers Malta!


Hi Ricky,

Thanks for your advice.....re buying/renting which is something my husband has been thinking!!

We will love to join the ramblers and look forward to many beautiful walks.

Is there an area which would suit a long rental best for getting to know Malta.....we may prefer a small car too!!

Regards, Chathy