How is the working culture of British like?

Hi all,

I'm an expat from Singapore who just moved to England. I'm waiting to start my new job soon and I wonder how it would be to work in an office with British people? Are there some tips? How should my communication be like? Basically anything I need to take note of, please?

Thank you so much!

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Probably the hardest question I've been asked.  It really depends on what job you do and where you work.  Apart from when I'd been sitting at my desk, I've never been an office worker.  I tend to put things like Sales, HR, payroll, Finance, Purchasing and Customer Services into that classification and apart from a purchasing role in buying new vehicles, I've never done it.

I would say that they all require a disciplined approach to task management; most offices have procedures, most jobs have job descriptions,  departments will have processes how they achieve all these.  During your induction training, ask for those relevant to your task, read them, make sure you understand them.  If you are not sure about anything, then ask, it's better to ask than worry about screwing up.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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