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OK not so many mountains in Bangladesh, but is there any like minded MTB roders or forums in Bangladesh. I tried Everytrail, but not much there. There  mut be some great places to travel backroards in Bangladesh, anyone know of a site with already run trails? or anyone recomend somewhere off the beaten track?
Anyone up for weekend rides?

Hello kim & mika!

I hope that you will soon get replies.


yes there is some great place you can travel such as Chittagong mountain area or Khulna for forest area.


You can check Bandorbaan. It is known be to be highest peak in Bangladesh. I think you could also try Rangamati.

I have a total of about 4 months cycling backroads in Bangladesh.
It is an awesome experience. Living in Dhaka you might think there is no silence in Bangladesh but you might be surprised once you are out of Dhaka.
Daytrips are possible from Dhaka. If you are OK with sleeping with low quality hotels then multiple day trips are a great way to explore bangladesh.
I use simple roadmaps to find my way and a lot of asking around.
Decent MTB are for sale in Chittagong.
Classic bangladeshi cycles are available everywhere.
Unfortunately everything is in my head so I can't explain how to cycle.
There is however a (cycle)adventure club in Dhaka


How can I get in touch with the Adventure Club in Dhaka. I just got my shipment and unpacked my mountain bike and look forth to be able to do some biking on a regular basis if possible.

Nice link, check it out … 7031&v=1EL


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