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I am an american moving to france. My son is 16 is in 11th grade in the us school. We speak french ok. Who knows what kind of language test will they ask him to to take to enroll in french lycee who and how will administer that kind of a test.

We had the same question and got this answer: «The most important thing is to be able to follow the teaching and be motivated to learn the language as soon as possible. A test must be done and a visit to Nice before school starts if they are going to public school. With private schools we can arrange this online. In any case, I recommend having a chat with the school management before you decide».

We are moving to Nice from Norway next year with our girls (born in 2005), but unfortunately they do not speak french. If we can’t find any affordable international school they will be attending a french lycée— and then they will need an intensive course in french🙉


Thank you for your response. Since I wrote to you I found some answers. All over the world Alliance Francais offers courses to prepare students and then one take Delf B exam which is the level required at French schools. Lot's of samples on youtube. Also just about in the Nice area, there is an international center at Valbonne. Check it out. They are an international school but I do not know how much it costs.
Good luck

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