EP rejected - salary does not meet requirement, but pass as per SAT

Dear all,

As stated, my EP application was rejected on the ground that the salary requirement does not meet the criteria, but as per Self-Assessment Tool it does. My employer is currently checking with MOM for more information.

Just want to check if such case has been encountered here before, and what is the course of action you took / outcome ?

Job : Accountant (General)
Experience : ~10 years, 6 years relevant
Minimum salary per SAT : 6,100
Salary applied : 6,400
Company : Technology, E-commerce MNC
Company size : < 10 employees
Applied : 06 July
Outcome ( rejected ) : 20 July

Will keep you guys posted of the updates.

The SAT only gives a rough first estimate of eligibility (and is thus better seen as "eligibility to apply") . Many factors can only be evaluated in an actual application.
To me, the offered salary seems rather low for an accountant (presumably with university degree) with 6 to 10 years experience. But the reason might also be the size of the employer (<10 employees) , or a combination of the two - or something else (e.g. do the company's financial data show that they can pay your salary?).

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