New President Inaugurated After Peru's Disputed Election (2021)

FLASH -- July 19, 2021

Peruvian election officials tonight declared a winner of the presidential election, by a 44,000-vote winning margin.

Pedro Castillo, 51, a former union leader who is considered a leftist outsider, is the president-elect of Peru after an 'election night' that lasted over a month.  The New York Times calls Castillo's victory "the clearest repudiation" to the country's establishment in 30 years. 

In the runoff election, the candidate Keiko Fujimori, herself a symbol of Peru's elite and the daughter of a disgraced ex-president of Peru, lost her bid for the presidency for the third consecutive cycle.  Her camp failed to prove alleged irregularities in the nation's election system.

Sources... The New York Times, Agence France Presse news wires

Pedro Castillo has been sworn in as Peru's new president.

Before the inauguration, Castillo met with various South American presidents, including Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador.

As he assumed his leadership position, Castillo said Peru will now be governed for the first time by "a peasant" and he will be dedicated to the redistribution of Peru's assets to benefit the lower classes.

The king of Spain, King Felipe VI, was also in attendance.

Presidente Castillo said he will not live in government palace, also known as Pizarro's house, named for the Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incas 500 years ago.


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