Regarding ICT work permit

Hello All, I received my ICT work permit approval and I am supposed to submit my passport for visa stamping. But I am facing a personal problem due to which I may not be able to travel before Feb next year. Does anyone know that if I explain my situation to the embassy then will it allow me apply for visa stamping on the same work permit approval or will I have to apply for a fresh approval?


The individual embassies have their own procedures, so it's best to ask your embassy about this - not faraway strangers on the Internet.

Hello All, As I Read all the post above and answers.

I do have same question in my case.

I'm Living In Germany Since Last 6 Months on ICT Visa Linked To My Indian Employer.

What is the Correct Procedure To Change The Residence Permit i.e. From Long Term ICT Card To Blue Card.?

How Can I Go Through The Process Step By Step.


Sumit Motwani

@motwani.sumit ypu have the contract from german employer ?

@jatinder kumar67 yes. Currently I have the initial offer from German Company and official contract comes when i accept it and confirm it.

But I'm confused how to proceed further.