Socpa canceled

My socpa membership is canceled, and my iqama will expire on 31 July. Is there any possible way to renew iqama by any means. If anyone have idea pls guide.

Hi Brother. Has your iqama been renewed? I am facing the same issue and iqama is going to expire in mid of September. Please reply to me.

its renewed on 31st OR not yet


Did your iqama renew? I am facing the same problem. Please reply

Nope I didn't get renew. As I was outside kingdom when all this happens and due to flights operation I wasn't able to come back yet. But due to gov. Announced that iqama will be free my iqama is valid until 30 Nov. I am in dubai Will reach ksa on 23rd afterward I will try whatever I can do if got any lead will contact you.

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