Require Infomation about New IPA application for Indian

Hi Team,

Please suggest anyone got the new IPA application recently from India.

I stuck here in india since March old IPA expired is already got expired in November 2020.
Now Looking for New IPA application.

Unless you are in SG, securing a new IPA is next to impossible (for Indians) as, India is amongst the high risk countries (Covid-19), there are travel restrictions. Even if you get an IPA, there is no definite answer when restrictions will be eased, how do you get here?

Do note- The local talent pool is unemployed, so unless you do something truly extraordinary, have skills that are rare- it is going to be tough for the next few weeks/ months (least till employment rates shoot up for locals/ PRs). There is excessive scrutiny on all new applications, as you may have read on the numerous threads in this forum.

Hello Shekhz,

Thanks for update.

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