How can I relocate to Singapore

For which purpose and under which circumstances - and what do you want to do here?

Accetly i was trying to find out regarding MY DETENCION PERIOD or How to clear my detencion to Re Enter back to Singapore .....n i was given DETENCION after check my URINE POSITIVE under
CNB  Singapore Check Point .... But now i already DETENCION for more than 5 years n sure can find any solutions to return back to singapiore bcs my children singapore citizen n still studying at singapore  miss n i wanted to go back singapore bcs of my children bcs until now my children staying at MELROSE CHILDREN AID SOCIETY At singapore miss

I really hope miss can give me any good solutions or suggestions to move n THANK YOU Miss for UR CO-OPERATIVE Miss n have a nice day

I was holding SPR in singapore frm 2003 until 2015 n I got CPF as welll BUT Unfocelity my SPR was Expired Overdue for a month when i was issued DETENCION LETTER TO ME Miss n thats why i was abit Confused also now and  What and Where can i refer for Verifield miss bdway I am A Single mum Instead miss

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