I want to work there in belgium.

hi I am from Philippines. I want to work there in belgium. Now, I am still applying under the agency. Hope I can work there in belgium. is it required to study dutch? thanks for your response

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Maybe that you could tell us about the type of job that you want to have.


No, it is not "required," but if you were to move to Flanders that is what people speak (in Wallonia they speak French), and to get a job at most places you need to be able to communicate with others. So in most cases you will need to speak it before they would even give you a chance. And since most Flemish can speak at least 3 languages (Dutch, French, English, and many of them can speak German also), if you couldn't speak any of the country's languages, they would surely choose to hire someone else who could.

Seeing you have no replies yet I will chime in with my two cents, I can not imagine a job where you will not need to speak a fair amount of Nederlandse/Dutch. Even Belgians who speak English fairly well can become confused when delving into technical jargon concerned with a particular industry or when explaining a difficult procedure. In addition, you will come in contact with people who speak English but will not as they believe you should speak their language and to a large extent I also believe that. However, when you add in the various dialects within the small land mass that is called Belgium you become quite overwhelmed. I will say this however, I moved here from the upper midwestern U.S. and if I can survive you will as well. Grootjes,

good luck for you :)

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