DP and EP application in parallel

I have a unique situation,  My EP ​will expire on 30 June.

My EP was applied on 14 Jun, Its  still pending.

I am not sure if it will approve by 1 Jul.

Can I apply a DP for myself under spouse while my EP application pending?

Any advise...

You cannot apply for a DP, only your spouse's employer can.
And on a DP, you cannot work, thus your EP (and application) would be cancelled.

Hi Beppi

As per your comments:

You cannot apply for a DP, only your spouse's employer can.
Yes Agree , my spouse employer will apply ? no issue in that

And on a DP, you cannot work, thus your EP (and application) would be cancelled.
I know I can?t work on DP, but will DP application (from spouse employer)cause cancellation of my EP application (from my new employer)?

- My Existing EP is expiring on 30 jun.
- My new employer has already applied EP on 14 jun, status is pending?

My question here is :
Will DP application from my Spouse employer, will impact my EP application? Is it allowed to have two parallel applications?

Please note, in case my EP is not approved, I need to secure at least DP to stay with my Spouse and family.That?s why I am asking this question.

Pls advise so I could decide further.

Good question!
The basic rule (of MoM) is: No two pass applications ongoing at any one time.
However, in your case there is a valid reason to actually need two.
Ask MoM if they make an exception for you, or how they advise you to resolve the situation (and come back to report it here, so others can learn from it!).

I encountered the same situation so what I did is one my mom result is out(rejected) I filled my DP First to secure stay in sg(which is approved In 2 days) then filles appeal.
Two applications can not go simultaneously.

My EP application is being processed since April. My current student pass is expiring 30 June, so I applied for an LTVP (for higher education graduate) last week and it was approved. Meanwhile my EP is still being processed, and my current student pass is still valid. That is, even though my LTVP is applied for and approved, it doesn't become valid until I finalise formalities and pick up the pass at the ICA, and thus my current pass is not affected til then.

I'm pretty sure that my LTVP will be cancelled  once/if my EP gets approved. But if EP gets rejected I'll stay on the LTVP.

Our cases sound similar enough, but I don't really know the conditions of DP application. May I suggest you check with ICA to confirm? You can talk to an offcer on the 4th floor, they've been really helpful to me. Good luck :)

I was in similar situation. The way I handled it was, got my LTVP approved (I also applied for PLOC), and schedule the formalities day on the exact expiry date of my EP. The PLOC will be given within three working days, and I’ll ask my next employer to simply notify MoM about my start day then I can start working again. For PLOC holders, there’s no application for LOC needed, also no waiting time is needed, as soon as the employer notifies MoM through the e-notification, I can start work immediately.

LTVP is applied for (and issued by) ICA, not MoM.
Thus the situation is not the same as for MoM-issued DP.


My EP got approved, so didn’t have to go for DP… but my Spouse HR was supportive … they agreed to raise DP…

But I can’t guide on how to handle in this Scenario as I didn’t face it…

U can have either  EP or DP. There is no option for you to have DP & EP together.
If u want to apply for EP ,u need to cancel your DP.
If I want to apply for DP, u need fo cancel your EP.

Yes you are talking about ‘issued’ state…
My case was parallel application…

However luckily this situation didn’t arise … so can’t comment.

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