@Wilson sept 29 my report submitted by Indian qvc.. now it's October 30 still my visa under outside process.. employer already raised ticket.. but no change... Is there any hope for waiting.. or  cancel visa and apply for new.. plz help

@imran727 send your employer to finger print office with ticket number, they will inform him if need again re-visit to QVC, if not required re-visit. then they will inform to your employer wait two days. but your visa will be issue immediately

@khansultan821 ok i will ask to employer

My employer visited fingerprint office yesterday. They asked for biometrics reenrollment. Today i gave my biometrics. How long should I have to wait?

within a week it will change the bio metrics received outside qatar

@Wilson So, within a week, I can expect my VISA?

@ym926529 this is my first time to work in qatar and my passport is new.

Same situation, please advice me

Sept 28 qvc completed, 29 report submitted.. still it shows under outside process biometrics test received from outside. My employer raised ticket few days before. They saying that qatar qvc didn't receive report from Indian qvc. When I call Indian qvc they says they already submitted. What should I do? After medical how many days left there to automatically cancellation of visa. I worry about my visa.. plz advice

@imran727 Send your Sponser employer to MOI Qatar for raise a complain/ticket.

@khansultan821 already done


@khansultan821 not yet.. still under outside process.. I think it going to cancel automatically, i don't think it will be ready soon.. December 27 it will expire

@Ashiq Hussain Abbas I

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@imran727 just informed to your employer and tell him go to finger print office with complain/ticket number.

Alhamdulillah. Visa status changed to ready to print now...

@Ashiq Hussain Abbas

*** passport no BE** medical report submit but no rede to print

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@imran727 alhamdulillah

@Ashiq Hussain Abbas

Same UNDER OUTSIDE PROCESS im waiting till now 55days 😭😭😭 no result


Same problem with my since 1 month


@imran727 hai sir did you receive any update your visa status

@imran727 same issues on me any update did you got just inform me kindly

Hello sivaramanp1992,

Have you undertaken the same process?

Are you too waiting?



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@Cheryl yes ma'am from Nov 22 to Till date

I hope you get a positive update soon. 1f60a.svg

@Cheryl how long it will take time to the process ma'am from Nov 22 to Till date

Visa has expired on 19.2.2023

@alvintablante21  when was you did it medical

Topic linked with QVC QATAR

Kindly guide me qatar visa holder

My hba1c came 9% and qvc refer me to authorise medical center in karachi ,General practitioner look in to my case and prescribe me medicines and ask me to come again after 15 days now my question is as follow

1) what will happen after 15 days will doctor give me certificate if Hba1c get  reduce and i can submit my documents at qvc to obtain the visa.

2) if visa get rejected after Hba1c drop how many days after i can go for retest as i am afraid employer will not give me second chance as its to much delay Hba1c never come down in 15 20 days .

3) Dr not recommended me to submit the documents at qvc until the final report of hba1c can i know the procedures as no one explain or help me out here about the proceedings.

How to been solvedyourproblem

@Md Ferdous Nayeem