Currently on STVP but have an IPA. How long can I stay?

Hi all,
I've read a few posts on here already with some similar questions but nothing exactly the same.
Pretty much the title. I arrived in singapore on a social short visit (90 days) to be with my partner. I found a job (woohoo) and now have my in principle approval. This IPA took just over 3 weeks to receive as well after it was submitted. But my problem is that I'm not sure how long I'm allowed to stay in Singapore.
Is it my 90 day thing (july 12) or my IPA date (aug 17)?
I'm assuming it takes even more time to get my s pass card since i have to submit these medical forms.
Thanks for any help!

STVPs are issued for 30 (sometimes only 15) days, and can only by extended to 90 days with a valid reason (difficult!). Are you sure you got 90 days upfront?
You should get the work pass, which you have the IPA for, issued before your STVP expires.

Aug 17
However since you entered on STVP and may continue on IPA / S pass nothing stops you from calling/ writing to ICA formally and asking

Yes. Australians have 90 days.

I'll just get the medical done today and make sure my company finishes it all tomorrow hopefully. Otherwise we will apply for an extension in the worst case, the only problem is on the website it seems to suggest you cant extend beyond 89 days since arrival.

I've called the mom before about if we should apply for a LTVP even though i have an incoming work pass and never got a straight answer.

But so far it's been a very stressful and confusing process. Even coming here initially i got conflicting info from ica and singapore airlines about if i needed a covid test before departure (turns out i didn't)

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