Looking for job with Short term visit pass

Hi, is it possible to find a job in Singapore for person who came with short-term visit pass?
Or MOM has any restrictions on applying work pass for STVP?

SZNT: Visit pass as the name suggests, is to visit Singapore, but not engage in any employment.

Having said that, you can interview/ speak to prospective employers/ get a job but can’t work unless and until the right work pass is applied and approved by MoM. Employers have a lot of things to work towards when considering an expat over a local. Hope this helps.

If this helps, do a self assessment too if you qualify- https://www.mom.gov.sg/eservices/servic … sment-tool

There is no restriction on applying for jobs, attending interviews and (if you manage to get a job offer) submitting a work pass application while holding an STVP, BUT:
The processing time of your work pass will almost certainly be longer than the STVP is valid. Since waiting for a work pass is NOT a valid reason to extend an STVP, you will have to return home and wait for your work pass approval there.

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