Stvp extensions while waiting for spass application outcome

Hi, I'm from Philippines currently here in SG and I need advice.

My stvp is until 28 June 21. I am currently waiting for my spass application outcome. I don't have any idea how can i extend my stvp. Do I need to buy a flight ticket or I can tell mom I have a pending spass application so I no need to buy a flight ticket?
This is my first time, I don't know what to do.

Please help. Thank you all.

You have to talk to your previous company to help extend the STVP for you

Need to show airticket to MOM . So, u have to book Airticket. no need buy first . May all fine. Thanks!

Hi, I've ask my ex employer to help me extend my stvp. But they told me that I can extend it myself. If I do it myself how crucial is it?

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