Working for a UK company abroad. Does the currency of salary matter.


I just wanted to know if the currency we get paid our salary is affected at all when moving to another country and working for a UK company?

I mean legally speaking, does the law care how I am taxed in terms of the currency I am paid?

So for instance if my employer was paying me GBP while living in the UK and then move to a foreign country permanently and the taxes I pay change, does the HMRC care if my salary is in GBP or any other currency?

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If your payroll tax is deducted under PAYE then the deduction will be in UK £ direct from your salary.  If you have other income, then assuming there is a tax agreement in place between the UK and where you are resident, then it needs to be declared to the tax authorities where you reside; be very careful as the UK tax system is very different to most other countries - always get advice from a local expert.  UK state pensions are always taxed (in £'s) at source in the UK, regardless of where you are resident and it is paid.  If the Netherlands are one of your countries of interest, be prepared to pay 30% social taxes on your worldwide income regardless.  Tax agreements apply to income tax only.

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