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Hello, my husband and I are secondary school teachers in England and are currently looking into moving to Singapore in one or two years. We have two children who are 7 months old and nearly 2 years old.
How would we go about applying for different jobs? Would we contact all schools individually? Does anyone know if any expat package would cover childcare for such little children? Of all the packages I have seen they are for school aged children. Thank you for any advice!

Interesting why would one want to do that just curious kind of reverse migration if you are school teachers with young kids

How to get teaching jobs in Singapore? What's are the requirements and qualifications?

We have always wanted to teach abroad, but the first baby was a surprise baby and we always wanted two close together.
We thought it would still be a good idea to teach abroad while the children are so little.

To teach at a Singapore public school, contact MoE (Ministry of Education).
As far as I know, you need a (recognised in Singapore) educational degree and several years applicable work experience.
Please note that there are NO expat packages available for public school teachers, so you would have to do with a normal Singaporean pay.
For private and international schools, the requirements differ widely between schools. You'd have to contact them individually.
There is also no "standard" for expat packages - only the fact that they become increasingly rare and most people nowadays come to Singapore on local terms. (Why should you get more than a similarly skilled local?)

Thank you for all of the info! Very helpful :)

As a couple you can try out Tangling Trust School, Stamford American School and many more. You will get discount for your kids as well. These schools offer a huge amount of salary. They will prefer to recruit you being native.

Go to their job portal site. Apply as a couple.


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