Good afternoon to you all

Could someone help me find a good dentist ?

Thanks a lot for your answers

there is a very good one near the two tunnels on the border of sweiqi and paceville - on the sweiqi side... he is very good

Thanks :)

Drs Demajo Dental Clinic in Msida- fantastic. Dentist there had a look at a filling for me free of charge. Bonus - office has a lovely view of the water.

I can also recommend the same person as toonarmy9752. We went recently and the prices were super cheap (which almost put us off) but the guy was young, friendly and really good.

He did a great job on my boyfriends root canal which he was really really dreading but we'll definitely be going back for any future dentist needs!

we even got two extractions for the price of one...LOL that would have cost us £100 in UK --- we only paid 50 euros for the pair....BOGOF (buy one get one free) LOL