Vaccine for Expats in Malaysia...?

Hello fellow Expatriates,

Have you had your vaccination yet?  Or, have you got an appointment yet?  If so, please reply. Of course, we have all registered with My Sejahtera, as well as the online registration for the new Astra Zeneca doses coming in. Anybody had any luck so far?

Nope nothing yet. I think we will be last on the list TBH.

I would like to be able to disagree with you. Sadly, there seems to be no evidence of expats getting vaccinated. It's why I posted this link, just to see if ...

I know lots of wxpats who have been vaccinated.

I know many expats already vaccinated(AstraZeneca).  They registered online when there was an announcement of slot registration.

Expats here in Sarawak are being vaccinated for no fee. I have my AZ appointment in two weeks, but other expats (over 65 with comorbidities) are receiving their vaccinations. Some are getting Sinovac...but I requested AZ. There was a screw up  and they are not allowing I'll just wait the two weeks.

Thanks for your replies, this is all very encouraging...

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