Required a visa to move to Spain

Hi, my name is Collins from Ghana and I wish all those who will be able to impact of the Expat group, please is there any help who will help me to moving from Ghana to Spain, thank you

Hello adomakocollinho,

What type of visa are you looking for?

Are you planning on studying in Spain?

Or maybe are you looking for a work visa? If yes, in which field are you?

We will need more information in order to be able to assist you.


Cheryl team.

What are your charges for getting a NIE number


The fee for just a NIE, that is solely a fiscal number which confers no rights to reside, 12 euros. 

The application procedure is very simple, even for those who do not speak Spanish

NB Be aware the term NIE is often used incorrectly when people intend to refer to resident rights.

Am also looking for visa for a young man from Morocco 35 years old,i have diploma in administration and management..i applied for many companies.the ones who accept my application they demand to be there but no one send a work contract as I was hoping!

Buenas tardes, me encuentro en el área de administración o asistente contable. Que posibilidades tendria.

Muchas gracias

Hi guys, I think it better you find an internship first rather than looking for a job, I think is one of an easy way to get the visa.
our company offering an internship for you guys, we are open for management, marketing, event management, web development, and programming.
if any one of you interested please contact me ;)

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