Authentication of foreign documents for Chinese visa application

I am live in the USA and I got a job in China.  Now I am trying to apply for a work visa, which will require that I get a number of documents authenticated/certified.   I have a postgraduate degree certificate from Italy and I need it translated/notarized before I can take it to he Chinese consulate for final authentication.  Does anyone know how to go about this?

I was granted a grant to China and I was studying the Chinese language. There will be five papers, the first in which the data will be written in the mother tongue, the second in the Chinese language, and the other unit in which the place of work or the grant is written for the duration of the recruitment from abroad and the type of visa required and all the job data required from the Chinese party and the fourth written for a Chinese travel in your country In the Chinese language to make sure of the parties involved in the matter, and the last one writes in it the work contract and conditions in the Chinese language and receives copies of the travel of your country of origin and the country of recruitment,
But those are the conditions of my country, and I am not sure that it is the same in the United States of America


What city and state of our nation are you located?  After you have your document translated if that is your requirement,  you will have it notarized  and then you will need an authentication/apostille which is obtainable from your Secretary of State office.

Feel free to email me and I can offer suggestions better knowing where you are located.


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