Consequences of overstaying in Spain due to Covid

Good afternoon everyone! Do any of you know what happens if a Canadian citizen overstays in Spain for more than 12 months due to covid? Will you get banned from entering Spain again (traveling back from Barcelona airport)? If so, for how long? Are there any penalties or anything like that? Would appreciate any info. Thanks!

I understand they can issue fine and or ban you from returning.  That the power exists would not lead me to believe it would be imposed if there are reasonable grounds for breaking the rules.

However, a tax accountant, whom I trust,  said yesterday on a radio program  that being forced to stay over 183 days will not excuse you from automatically becoming tax resident and therefore liable to pay tax on your worldwide income, making an assets declaration, paying imputed tax on any property you own worldwide,  other than  your permanent home IN SPAIN.

I would recommend that you contact your Canadian Spanish Consulate. Canadians who overstay the permitted 90 days in the Schengen Area may be fined or deported. To visit for longer than 90 days, Canadians must obtain a long-stay national visa. … al%20visa.

Hi John, this was precisely my case. I had to stay in Spain for two months after the authorized period of stay expired. I had the same fear as you, but I sought advice at the Consulate, and they put me in contact with the "Oficina de Extranjería" (Immigration Office) where I had to request a short stay extension. I did make this decision since I was constantly informing myself, and it coincided with the moment countries started to open (I recommend the website that I used to be aware of the travel restrictions issue: … strictions).

I was not fined nor will it be reflected in my profile for the future (at least that is how they explained it to me at the consulate) since it was an exceptional issue and the assumption is even reflected on the European Commission website. I hope you didn't have any issues. Regards!

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