Is IPA letter of a Dependent pass equal to having a valid stay?

Hi, my EP application and my wife's DP application are currently pending. it has been about 5 weeks now. But my wife is currently on STVP. She only has about 2-3 weeks of stay in Singapore based on how long MOM will give extension. She needs to show air ticket for the extension request and the ticket date should also be within 2 weeks after STVP expiry date.

Let's assume both my EP and her DP got approved just before her ticket date. Then, does it mean she has a valid stay with IPA letter? Or she needs to go back once her STVP expires? Because i m not sure if DP card can be issued before my EP card is issued.

For me, I can't straight away get my EP card, cos i need to submit resignation to my current job and there is 1-2 months notice period.

She can stay with IPA. Once IPA letter issued, she can stay. Hard copy card doesn't affect anyone's stay. … -singapore

Check out the above link, I guess your company can request to extend your wife’s STVP if your EP result is out.

Get the STVP extension request (for your wife) first via your current employer, then work towards your resignation, only after you secure your IPA. Don’t resign before under any circumstances.

@Shekhz, why do I have to go to current employer for my wife's STVP extension? shouldn't it be new employer who applied EP and DP for us?

by the way, I'm currently S pass holder with salary less than 6k. My new employer applied EP for me.

Hi, my EP was approved yesterday and my wife's dependent pass was approved this morning. Both of us got IPA letters now.
But for my wife's DP to be issued, my EP need to be issued first. For my EP to be issued, my current S pass need to be canceled first by current company.

But my wife's STVP is going to expire on 9 Jun. As I understand, IPA letter does not guarantee a stay for my wife and it cannot be used to extend her STVP. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Therefore, now I have no choice but to ask my current employer to immediately cancel my S pass. S pass cancellation date would become my last day at current company. But it's not gonna be easy as 1-2months notice is needed till last day of employment. I'm ready to sacrifice anything, pay penalty fee to company or surrender my leave or anything.

May I know if my wife's IPA letter can be used in anyway to extend her STVP or to get have a valid stay? If cannot, then I have no choice but to push my current employer to immediately cancel my S pass.

If there is anyone here who knows about company's HR process on how fast can S pass be cancelled, please do share your thoughts. Cos I really need my employer to cancel my S pass ASAP as i said in above comment.

I have submitted resignation letter yesterday, requesting to cancel my S pass immediately due to my current situation.

AFAIK , If IPA is issued she can stay in singapore (validity is 6months right ?). By then your EP and her DP will be issued. Your HR can expedite the DP issuance as well. Old EP cancellation and new EP issuance usually takes 3-4 days.

But at the bottom of the first page of IPA letter, it is mentioned with red color saying that "This letter does not grant you stay in Singapore. You need to ask for your pass to be issued before your visit pass expires".
So, she needs to get the DP issued before her STVP expires, right.

Please contact ICA, you can show the IPA letter and request for an extension for your dependents. Kindly write a requestion letter explaining your situation and seek ICA’s support. Since you have had a few to and fro’s with the relevant government bodies, do it right. Given the situation, you may have to book an appointment to visit ICA office.

Work pass can be canceled immediately, it’s a matter of few clicks by your employer. A STVP will be instantly sent across as an email.

I second Shekhz: Contact ICA, explain the situation- they will certainly find a way for you.
There is no need to pressurize your employers or sacrifice your contract(s).

Thanks Shekhz and Beppi. I will approach ICA.

No help given from ICA. Didn't even get a chance to meet with an officer. Counter ladies who give out queue number denied my request. I showed our IPA letters and my wife's STVP, and told our problem. but no help from them. They kept asking to go to MOM.
But I didn't want to go to MOM and i know it's hopeless to go there cuz i already called and asked if my wife can extend her stvp with the reason waiting for card to be issued. They already said cannot.

When my IPA for my EP was issued. It took almost a week to get the EP card issued. 2 days after the IPA for the EP was issued my kids got the IPA for the DP issued. They are here on a DP already so their DP were canceled as soon as my old EP was canceled. All of us were in Singapore only with the IPA (which if I am not wrong allows to enter and stay in Singapore until it’s validity which is 6months). After my EP card was issued, my kids DP card were issued the week later. ICA website has contact information (email id) for correspondence on such matters and they are very prompt in replying. Please write an email explaining the situation. They will reply in 2-3 working days. Btw, your HR should be handling all these formalities.

Why don’t you visit the MoM office after scheduling an appointment and make a written request? Calls often go to the service representatives, you have this as your last resort.

There is not enough time now. My wife STVP is expiring next week. I have asked my company HR that I want my last day of employment to be this Friday. I think they are cancelling pass on that day.
I don't wanna take risk by holding on to deciding my last day of employment while I keep asking MOM and ICA where I only receive hopeless answers. Anyway, thanks for all your replies.

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