How i get work permit?

I want to go Croatia. However can get work permit easily?

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It would be great if you can introduce yourself to the community. The members will then know more about you.

Why did you choose Croatia ? What kind of job are you looking for?

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Hi Priscilla. How can I apply work permit from India. Croatiais most beautiful country in Europe. My dream is work over there in driving. How can I find Thransport department job.

Looking any kind of job!

If looking for work check out the jobs section at the top of this page. Go online and search too. \You can also place your CV in the jobs section.

Not easy to get a work permit.

Go to Discover at the top of this page and open the Croatia Guide.

Hello there, Am Bong Deng from South Sudan, I have 2 yrs work experience as a basic computer trainer with IOM. OIM South Sudan, I play basketball age 19 yrs old, height 6.8ft I play center and forward am looking forward to playing/working in Croatia.

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Read post #6.

Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.

Yes I need work permit

Hello sir I'm 12 Ayer experience building line  I am Dubai work 7 Ayer libya 3 and Pakistan I am mason tile fixers shatring carpenter stiles fixers all work building construction making please I helped

Hi, first you need to find a job, then a tax code and think about moving.
Or the company that hires you does the procedure