Buy in US or Turkey?

Merhaba everyone,

I am moving to Turkey in a couple of weeks and would like to know if I should buy things certain things here in the US or wait:

1.)Abayas/jilbabs (the long garment that a lot of women in Turkey wear:)Cost in the US 30-40 dollars each, I have very few items to wear at my new job and need to but at least one here or should I bite the bullet and buy a few .

2.) Glasses: I would need to get an eye exam first...not sure if doing it is worth the effort in Turkey as my Turkish isn't great. I can get an eye exam for around 50.00 and a pair of glasses for 100.00 or less.

3.) Laptop: I am confused will an American computer work in Turkey or not. I do find Turkish computers (the varient of letters) a bit annoying but might this be cheaper to buy in Turkey?

Thanks :)


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lol[at] caps lock...  i think the only difference with that is the letter i?

3. anyway computers are not cheap in turkey (plus the different keyboard) so i suggest bringing your laptop and getting the electricity transformer or whatever its called, so u can plug it in. it will serve you with the computer or any other appliances, now or later when you travel in europe or something.

2. not sure about the prices in turkey but i hear its quite cheap... i think the price difference is not huge, plus the selection of glasses here in turkey might not be what you are used to, fashion sense here varies a bit

1. im sure you can find those garments in turkey since some women wear them here, and it shouldnt be too expensive, textiles here are quite cheap. however, unless your job requires it or you are a muslim, i dont see why you would need it - unless just to dress up exotic. depends where you are going though, in istanbul those garments are not so common, in the east i am certain they are...  maybe u can just come and see for yourself before making a decision? or buy just 1 from the US if u wanna play safe?

Hello guys,
Thanks for the advice to far :)

HAHA not to worry about the cap locks, I got the message :)

Yes guys I am Muslim but not very conservative, so for instance I don't wear a headscarf but might do so when not working. I am actually planning on wearing a mixture of clothing.

I might get my glasses in Turkey will be hard to find an optomotrist that speaks English?

Thanks everyone :)

Hi Samza,

It really does depend on which part of Turkey you are moving to. For instance, here in Didim I wear normal clothes throughout the year and that includes summer wear with exposed arms and legs. However, If I am going to the in-laws for dinner I wear long sleeves, high necks and trousers or long skirts (normally with legins underneath to save embarrassment when sitting on the floor for dinner. When we travel around, again, it is clothes to suit the area and the only time I don a headscarf is on visiting relatives in the South East which we do each winter.

I had my eye test and bought my glasses here - Altogether that cost around 450 tl - 3 years ago. They are genuine Armani frames though, so something non-designer would be much cheaper than that.

I'm not really sure what the rest of the world is doing price wise for Laptops but I bought a new Sony Vaio in Tecnosa in Istanbul this winter for about 500 gbp.

Hope that's useful :-)

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