Pets in Salalah?

Hi everyone.

I may be moving to Salalah in the next couple of months. I would be bringing my animals with me. Is there a vet in Salalah and is dog & cat food regularly available?
Does anybody else have pets there?

Lancashirelass :D

good topic..even i would love to know if you are allowed to keep pets here...saw a pet store somewhere but u get pet food in lulu hypermarket easily...

Thanks for your reply Dr Sumit. Was beginning to worry :(. From what I have read elsewhere the nearest vet is in Muscat but they do visit Salalah a couple of times a year. At least I know I will be able to buy pet food from Lulu's.

Can you ask around to see if anybody else has dogs there for me.
Would be much appreciated. :)

I'm looking for a cat to own <3 anyone selling?

It is true there is no vet in Salalah, the closest is 1000 kms away in muscat who apparently do visit salalah once every 2 months. That has been our reservation towards adoptig a pet here as there is noone in case of an emergency.

That is very unfortunate :(
i will probably just adopt a stray cat :D

even i wanna adopt a stray cat
wat is the method ?

Hi there,
as much as I know, there is no vet in Salalah. I was looking to bring my old Caniche friend here, but I've been advised otherwise, mostly because she's old.
There are some people having dogs in Salalah, and I may say it's much more friendly place to be here, considering the climate.
All I know is that there is a vet in Muscat only, where you can reach both by plane or by car.
You can find food, for dogs and for cats, for birds too, at least I always saw in LuLu Hypermarket.
One coleague told me that not everyone is accepting dogs. Depending on where you will stay here, you should better check before.
I will try to get more information about it. Oh, I didn't even look at the date of your post, I hope I am not out-of-date.
Anyway, you are welcome here in Salalah!

Can you please let me know who is the vet coming to Salalah from Muscat? A contact number will help. My dog is really ill and we don't know what to do! Please reply fast! Thanks.

You want pet cat?

Hello Grawp,

Welcome on board  :)

Do you have a cat to offer ? ;)



I have a cat to offer for adoption in Salalah. He's 14 months old, indoor cat, very clean and playful. He is vaccinated and neutered. I must leave Oman and I cannot take him with me. Let me know if you could help.

I have a cute ginger brown cat six months old which had taken its vaccines and have a passport. Since I am leaving salalah I wish to hand over to someone who would take good care of him. I want to give him free of Cost. Any takers...?

I understand that you are looking for a cat. I have a cute ginger brown six months old male cat. He is very clean, playful and bred indoor so far. Since I am leaving Salalah I want to hand over to some one to take good care of him. He is too young to be neutered but vaccines are done and have a paasport.
If you need please let me know. It is free of cost.

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