How to get a sponsor for a visa?

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this september i will be travelling to Indonesia for 3 months. Now i recently found out that in this case i will be needing a sponsor to get a visa for this. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find one?
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2 months is easy. Simply get a 30 day visa on arrival and extend it in any kantor imigrasi.

I hope someone can help with with a 90 visa but other than leaving the country for a day, I'm unaware of a way to legally do so.

There may well me a way I'm unaware of so don't cry just yet.

What kind of company u have to find to take a visa for one year?How much u have to pay them?

depending of what kind of visa, if for social visa you could as your indonesian relative/friend/family to be your sponsor.
the visa valid for 2 month and u could extend it without go out indonesia max 1 week before your visa expire.

its cost 250000 IDR for extend visa, you could extend until max 5 times

may you tell me how to bring parents here on permenent basis..what visa number where to apply and how much to spend..would be really helpful.

@tulipsmile :
Retirement Visa for Indonesia

Indonesia is the best country to spend your retirement time. You can live here if you like. If you are over 55 years and are able to support yourself fully you may be allowed to retire in Indonesia on an extended temporary basis.

To be eligible for a visa for retirement you must:

Be 55 years or older
Have no intention to work in Indonesia
Be in good health and character
The requirements
The following documents must be supplied before your visa application can be processed:

Copy of your passport and/or travel documents which are valid for at least one year
Proof of holding a pension or Deposit – Bank statement
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Curriculum Vitae
Any applicant whose spouse wishes to apply for a Limited Stay permit Visa for elderly tourists must provide a copy of their marriage certificate
A personal Guarantee Letter, stating: To live in the provided and agreed accommodation in Indonesia with proof of receipt or through renting proof of rental agreement. The mentioned accommodation must be located at an authorized tourist area and in accordance with the prevailing regulations.
Employment Letter – Affidavit. You must employ at least one Indonesian citizen for assistances kind of work, such as nursing, housekeeping or any other kind of assistances during your stay in Indonesia. In that regard, you must submit a letter stating that you are currently employing or intend to employ an Indonesian assistant.
Photographs sized 4x6cm (10 Pcs), 3x4cm (4 Pcs), 2x3cm (4 Pcs) (Red Background)
If your application is approved, you will be allowed to come to Indonesia initially for one year and your visa can be extended every year to a total of 5 years. Then you can apply for a permanent stay permit (KITAP).

If you need to go overseas, you should check that the availability of your KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) is still valid for applying the following Exit Re-entry Permits

Exit re-entry permit that is valid for 3 months
Multiple exit re-entry permit that is valid for 6 months
After you finished your visa in one year or more and do not want to extend you must apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO)

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Hello , im Iranian and i want to have residenc visa in Indonesia
I ask Indonesia Embassy they told me i need to have Sponser in Indonesia , pls give me information about this process

This article will give you a little insight as to why it's difficult for Iranian citizens to get a visit visa for Indonesia. … -citizens/

Getting a residency visa will be far more difficult unless you have bona fide family here in Indonesia.

i hold pakistan nationality i want to visit  Indonesia but embassy said i need a sponsor from Indonesia
if i dont have a friend and family there how i can get a sponsor

Unless you have family or friends here in Indonesia, or you have an official invitation from an organization, university, etc. then finding a sponsor will unfortunately be near impossible.


If you have an Indonesian sponsor for your visit visa, then you need to contact the Indonesian embassy or consulate closest to where you currently live and ask them how to next proceed.

See also the replies in the other thread where you asked the same question......


book the hotel, buy the return ticket and apply for a tourist visa..

Yeah right, paying for hotel and ticket upfront will not guarantee you to get a visa.

Still he need a sponsor in Indonesia.

– Passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months as from the date of entry into Indonesia.
– Onward or return tickets are compulsory
– No compulsory vaccinations
– Visitors must enter through the following airports and seaports in Indonesia.

There are 20 (twenty)  Airports and 23 (twenty three) Seaports across Indonesia that have the VOA facilities:

Jensen, the last postings here are related to citizens who do not get a visa on arrival thus they need a local sponsor.

Your post may will confuse "ahmedfraz" (even though it's correct) since he will not get a visa on arrival.

For Tourist Visa following requirements are written at Indonesian Embassy Pakistan Website … ;Itemid=86

Holiday or tourism

This visa is applicable for nationals of countries not included in the list of 65 countries that are eligible for Visa on Arrival. Apart from for the purpose of holiday and visiting tourist attractions in Indonesia, it is also valid for exploring the possibility for cooperation in developing tourism industry in Indonesia and for handling foreign tourist to Indonesia.

Requirements :

    Input Online Visa application forms and Print Out , filled in block letter/typed, personally signed by the applicant.
    Three colour passport-size photographs
    The original passport with photocopies of page 1-3 and previous Indonesian visas.
    Photocopy of national identity card of the passport bearer. In case of under 18 years, please attach ‘B’ form.
    Evidence that you have adequate funds for your personal support during your stay in Indonesia eg. Bank statements, letter from your financial institution concerning your financial position.
    Proof of availability of a return ticket or ticket for forward journey, with photocopies.
    Valid proof of confirmed of hotel booking in Indonesia would be preferable for the consideration of granting of visa.
    Reference letter from your employer/office addressing visa officer, mentioning your job, duration of service and detail of visit purpose. In case of businessmen, please attach your business documents (national tax number certificate and firm registration certificate or export registration certificate).
    The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia reserves the right to request additional documents if needed.

What you copied out from the website is so far the requirement what the Embassy in Pakistan is asking for.

This does not grant you automatically a visa for Indonesia.

There is a special visa procedure to obtain a "calling visa" for 16 nationalities (including Pakistan) described below:

Apply for the visa at an Indonesian embassy abroad.

The embassy, having verified the application request, will send an official letter to Immigration in Jakarta requesting an immigration authorization approval letter, mentioning the supporting institution in Indonesia. Each application is marked with a reference number, which you can request.

The Immigration Office in Jakarta will verify the embassy’s request and invite the supporting institution to attend their weekly Clearance House meeting, held every Tuesday. The meeting is a for a full day, attended by representatives Intelligence (BIN), Immigration, BAIS, Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

The next day, the Minutes of the CH meeting will be forwarded to the Intelligence Section for approval (a one-day process).

The next day, Intelligence will forward the approved application to the visa section, who will then publish an authorization approval letter and send this letter to the Indonesian embassy where the request came from.

The Embassy will release the visa to the applicant.

Ahmedfraz was told by the Embassy that he needs a sponsor and I have not heard otherwise....

Ahmedfaraz may be applying for Social Cultural Visa, which do require Sponsor from Indonesia as mentioned on the embassy website... But if anyone from Pakistan want to Travel to Indonesia to visit tourist destinations, then he/she have to apply for Tourist visa, which do not require Sponsor.. it is not possible for a Tourist to have an Sponsor from Indonesia, it is also not written on the embassy website to have a Sponsor for Tourist Visa...

Please read again my previous post, there is a special visa procedure for citizens for 16 countries including Pakistan. It will not matter if one applies for SosBud, Business or Tourist visa a sponsorship from a local company/institution will be needed.

If it is not the case, as you said, then the official list is not up to date and Pakistan would be treated same as other countries in regards of visa issuings also the other remaining 15 countries on the said list would not need to go through the procedure instead should be able to enter on a tourist visa.

How come people are still being told by the consulate/embassy overseas that they need a sponsor ?

Hello I am face with that same issue now, we’re u ever able to get some type of resolution?? Please advice

Hello I have booked a trip for my husband and I to Bali Indonesia for next Month. My husband is Nigerian living in the US, with a permanent green card and we are told that he need a sponsor, we don’t know anyone in Bali, this is a vacation. I am not sure how to go about getting a sponsor. Does anyone have any suggestions??


I am currently in the same situation as I am Nigerian and living in the UK and need to find a sponsor in Indonesia for a tourist visa. Did your husband manage to find a sponsor?

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