Work sabbaticals in Singapore

I'm an S pass holder, but feel free to answer these questions in general:
1. Is sabbatical frowned upon in Singapore? Will employer be suspicious that we're going to leave if we request sabbatical?
2. How long sabbaticals usually be?
3. What happens if an employee use sabbatical to apply for other jobs and resign?
4. Is it legal for an employer to not cancel an employee's work visa who is on sabbatical?


Sabbaticals are virtually unknown in Singapore.
1. Whether a request for a sabbatical would be o.k. or not depends on the individual manager, company and job situation.
2. How long is a piece of string?
3. You are free to change jobs at any time, of course.
4. I think it is not only legal, but compulsory to cancel your work pass during a sabbatical. If you want to stay in Singapore without working, you must get another kind of visa!

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