Time required by agency for Education background Verification of EP

Poseypoo wrote:

Hi friends, MOM requested for my education verification. My employer engaged DataFlow, whose lead time is 6 weeks. My employer told me that MOM only required them to submit a "receipt" as proof that verification has been initiated. They said that the verification report is only required when renewing the work pass.

Has anyone experienced this situation? From reading this forum, other applicants seem to have to wait for the verification report first before MOM considers pass approval.

My timeline:
16 Apr - application
27 Apr - rejected & appealed (MOM requested company info)
3 Jun - rejected (MOM questioned company profile)
10 Jun - appealed (company gave explanation on profile)
23 Jun - MOM requested education verification, as described above

I have a masters from NUS. The verification is for my bachelors degree from Thailand.

I will keep you posted on updates. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this scenario before (i.e. not needing to wait for verification report outcome).

Update: My EP just got approved today (6 July 2021) - the whole process took about 12 weeks! I'm overjoyed :)

With regards to education verification, DataFlow is still working on may case, i.e. no report has been produced yet. Like I said, my employer received instruction from MOM to just submit the receipt and not to worry about the report until EP renewal. I think this is a pretty interesting case study for us!

More on my role:
Company: MNC
Nationality: Thai
Education: Masters degree
Yrs of experience: 2

This forum has been helpful and gave me a peace of mind, so thanks a lot and hope I have contributed meaningfully.

Good luck everyone, hang in there!

Hearty congratulations, Poseypoo!

It is indeed very interesting that a ‘receipt' was accepted and taken as grounds for a successful educational background verification.

Agency Name : eeCheck

Country of Institution for which background check requested: France

Name of Institution, College, University (if you like to add): private school in Paris, not listed by MoM.

Start date of verification: early of may

Received report: I don't know exactly, but end of june

Report : I don't really know, but as my pass was approved, I assume that I had a positive Verification

Did you assist in the verification process : No

May I ask about the Dataflow, if the employer uses Dataflow for verify the education certificate and the result from Dataflow comes out. Is it automatically submit to MOM, or the employer need to do that ?


Dataflow will send u report and they send to MoM also.



Thank you so much! I will keep my waiting on it

How can I verify,I do have the credentials and is able to login however I am not able to find the current progress on the portal.
Could you please help
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