Covid jab liver transplant

I am 53 had a liver transplant.  I am told that Spain. Only go by age.  Shouldn’t I be priority? Does anyone know

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Usually as a regular medical norm, the Hospital Unit / the medical staff team - (in your case Gastroenterology - Liver Unit) works together with Transplant Unit. They together studies/valorates every in-hospital patient case in their Unit, always providing the best treatment/ procedure applied for each patient.
Feel free to ask any question/concerns to the Hospital medical staff, not even just because they are always gladly wiling to assist you and confort you all the way throrough your ilness therapy but because only your physician knows best your past and present medical condition.

However if you decided to ask for a second medical opinion, it was always- in some many special cases- a wise opion for any circumstances.

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Jason get his COVID jab today as had a liver transplant he’s group 7 so released he’s getting it.  In Uk he would have been one of the first to have vaccination as high risk Spain is different mainly by age

Hi , kitty cat im searching some advise about how i can be an expat in spain

Knkeliba wrote:

Hi , kitty cat im searching some advise about how i can be an expat in spain

Hi Knkeliba,
welcome to the forum

Please feel fee to browse around the site.
There is plenty of helpful information already posted
However if you need any other specific info the Experts shall be more than glad to assist you.

Nevertheless 'The Spanish Guide' is a good start.

Good luck with your endeavour

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