What a person can do in france if he is english speaker?

Hi ! My name is saba and I'm 25 years old. i just came here and I'm english speaker i can't speak french & having so many difficulties for getting a job
What to do where to go i dont know wherever i go they say its impossible to get a job without speaking french while  I'm totally a beginner


Any expatriate arriving is faced with the same situation. There is no other possibility than to learn French. It is not up to the country to adapt to the person. But the person to adapt to the country.

Now there are unskilled jobs available. See with "Pôle emploi"

Good morning Saba,

The easiest way to learn French is by downloading DUOLINGO.com & complete the various sections

Once you get a hang of the language then the world is yr oyster !

Depends about your profession ? There are professions in France where speaking only English is not a problem. i/e. in very multicultural metropolitan cities like: Toulouse, Nice or Paris for instance. In Toulouse for instance, there are 60 x different nationalities working in Airbus, both for civil, space  and military ones. And more than 80 x different nationalities are living in the Toulouse metro.

Can you please give me any email or phone numbers for this kinda companies who offer job to other nationalities?


Go online and every day watch and listen to French. Your young brain can do it. Defi books are amazing with cd. Good luck

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