Extension of STVP


My wife and I got our STVP extended through her ex employer this week and we're ok for the next 14 days. I had a few questions about a further extension

1. If i need a further 2 weeks/30 days extension will we again need to extend through MoM or through ICA?
2. If it's MoM will it again need to be through the ex-employer?
3. If it's through ICA will we need to produce a medical certificate or is the extension given just by applying on the ICA website and paying $40?

Is there anything else i need to know about and prepare for in advance for further extensions.


This depends on who has issued the SVP:
- ICA-issued SVP (visit visa) can be extended at ICA, up to 89 days.
- MoM-issued SVP (after cancellation of work pass) can only be extended by the ex-employer and only because of travel restrictions or medical reasons.

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