Anyone has contact for doing an US 1031 exchange?

I have a property in Beijing.  I am intending to sell, and buy in Singapore and maybe a couple other places.  To defer capital gains tax, I need to do an 1031 exchange (doing the sell/buy without money passing thru my hands).  This is an US tax thing.

Does anyone know of any lawyer/company who can help me facilitate this INTERNATIONAL transaction?

Only few (single digit percentage) Singapore properties are open for foreign ownership - and they are overpriced. Are you sure you want that?

Based on my research SG private condo appreciates about 5-6% annually on average; HBD flats slightly less.  This is not stunning return, but since I work here I want to buy a smallest unit to live in.  Majority of the funds will go somewhere else more potential (maybe Vietnam, I don't know).

In any case, I need to find a law firm that can handle 1031 exchange for an international (outside US) property...

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